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Be a designer of your own smile!

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Dental practice Cvejanovic was among the first in Serbia to purchase apparatus necessary for the use of the new Digital Smile Design (DSD) method in dentistry, which will, for the first time, allow our patients to be equally involved with dentists in the planning of a treatment they want, and to get a complete picture of the future appearance of their teeth even before the treatment begins!

Dr Srdjan Cvejanovic has completed successfully a course of using DSD method in June 2015 in Dubrovnik, including work on simulators and work with original equipment, which reaffirmed the position of our dental office as a leader in the application of scientific and technological innovations in dentistry in this part of Europe, and in addition to it, complete equipment has arrived at the office and these days first patients will have a chance to try it.

Digital Smile Design is a new revolutionary way of planning and implementing dental procedures. It is the only method that equally involves the patient in the decision making process important for the final outcome of a procedure which is subjected to. DSD allows dentist to display a patient 2D and 3D images of his jaw and then point how his teeth will look in each of the offered variants of treatment. This method makes the whole relationship between a dentist and a patient transparent, because dentist guarantees to a patient that, at the end of treatment, his teeth will look exactly as shown in an image in the planning stage, whether there are natural teeth or implants. That is the reason why the system bears the name of digital design of smiles – because patient almost apsolutely on his own decides how his smile will look like, and doctor is there to say and show what is possible and what is not. That is why only dentists who are completely confident in their skills are using DSD, because a first-class dentist is required to perform each procedure exactly in the manner intended by the program.

Dr Cvejanović i Dr Coachman

Dr Cvejanović & Dr Coachman

Basically DSD methods are a complex software that analyzes the shape of the face, the condition of the teeth and gums, the proportions of the jaw and mouth, as well as the muscles work, making it possible to predict in advance the results of any proposed dental method, and to show the expected final result, and not just with static images, but also through videos and 3D models. The unique feature of DSD software is that it includes facial contractions and emotons in different everyday situations, so that a patient can see what his face and teeth will look like after completion of treatment when he speaks, when he laughs, when his mouth are closed or when he chews. Central step in the DSD method is creation of temporary crowns based on the measurements of the DSD program, in accordance with pre-agreed vision of a final solution. Model of future teeth is made so that it can be installed over existing teeth, so patient can try proposed solution to see how he will look like with it and offer possible suggestions to dentist for further work. This step ensures that in the final stage, when he gets the permanent crowns, patient experience no surprises and that there will be no complicated and expensive corrections after done treatment, because patient was not aware of some of the aspects of his new dental appliances.

All credits for a development of the DSD method go to a Brazilian doctor Christian Coachman, who focused on a problem of communication with patient and adequate visualization of all variants of solutions and needs of a patient during the years of work, from the installation of a single crown to the complete planning of implantation work. Doctor Coachman personally conducted training of dentists in Dubrovnik, and doctor Cvejanovic joined the small number of dentists from our region who are certified to use the DSD method after completion of training.