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Dr Srdjan Cvejanovic shares his impressions from the IDS in Cologne.

It would be hard for a layman in the field of dentistry to grasp the vastness of the event such as the International Dental Show in Cologne. This year, in five days’ time, nearly 140.000 people visited the fair, among who were dentists and experts in dentistry-related fields, from over 150 countries.

The focus of this year’s fair was on the subject of connecting computers and their software to dentistry procedures, in order to automatize the treatment. Nowadays, a dentist can get results of lab tests; send an X-ray of the jaw in order to produce veneers; compare his results and work with his colleagues and other things, and all without leaving the office, even without sending an email. Since modern dental offices have an increasing number of computerized devices it is a challenge to make all those platforms “communicate”, because they come from different manufacturers and use different software.

Still, what impressed me most on the fair are two novelties that are tangible things, even though they are based on computer technology. The first novelty is the new system of implants from the company Nobel Biocare, with the name NobelParallel Conical Connection. It is a system designed to give maximum flexibility and adjustability to all jaw types. The second important feature is faster bone formation. Additionally, the system is easy to implement, so the whole procedure is simpler, which is especially important when placing implants along the whole jaw. This implant system will very likely become standard procedure in Cvejanovic office.

Other product that is especially interesting for ambitious private offices, such as ours, in inLab MC X5 by the company Sirona. It is a device to manufacture dental veneers on the premises, based on 3D footage. By using this device it is possible to reduce the price paid by the patient and speed up the process of implant treatment. Our office already manufactures veneers and inLab MC X5 would make an excellent upgrade to the existing systems (which are good, but slightly more complicated).

The fair in Cologne was an excellent opportunity to hear lectures from world known experts, and even complete a few mini courses. I recommend going to the fair to all my colleagues. It is held every other year, and I have had the chance of meeting various colleagues from Serbia – that tells me that in our country there are dental offices keeping in touch with the world, and even going one step ahead, and our dental office Cvejanovic always wanted to be in the elite company of such experts.