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Completely dental implant solution

Good day,

I have periodontal disease and now only have two dents at the top of the 13th and 23rd tooth, for I have an acrylic plate.
In the lower jaw, I have teeth 5, 45, 44, 43, 34 and 36.
And require estrous all the teeth to place implants.

I think I have given important information.

Fernando Roliz

Dear Sir,

Situation is next:
You will have NO TEETH.
And you will need completely dental implant solution for both, upper and lower jaw.

If you want fix, non moving solution, we need to place minimum 6 dental implants and later 12 ceramic crowns.
Price for this is from 4000€ to 6000€, depend on number and type of dental implants and number and type of dental crowns.

Second option is to place 3 or 4 dental implants and to put plastic acrilat prostesis but this is NOT FIX option, you need to remove every night and to clean it.
This option is cheaper and simple to make, but estetic and funcionality is not at the same level like first option.

Price is from 1700€ to 3000€, depend on number and type of implants.

Best regards,
dr Srdjan Cvejanovic

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