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Hollywood smile

Non-metal crowns can give an aesthetic and satisfactory form to a damaged tooth or tooth with an irregular shape, so it is possible to completely restore a smile just with crowns. Non-metal crowns are used in combination with dental bridges, and nowdays are the best option to restore the beauty and functionality of your teeth without the use of screws. Non-metal crowns are completely unnoticeable.

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Total toothlessness – ALL ON 6 i ALL ON 4

In the absence of all teeth, the problem can be solved in two ways with the help of implants. Easier and cheaper involves installing three or

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Total toothlessness – Locator attachments overdenture

Locator prostheses are a very effective way of solving the problem of complete toothlessness or toothlessness of a single jaw. Fewer screws are required than code

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Dental braces – experiences

The fixed denture utilizes the natural ability of the teeth to micropomerize, so that in less than a year it can position the teeth in a straight position. No other dental technique

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