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For dentists and dental products and materials industry, the IDS (International Dental Show) in Cologne is equivalent to a major international football championship – it is organized once every two years and is a must-attend for any ambitious dental clinic, or at least something you should follow. The show was held between 12th and 16th…

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Summer of gifts at Cvejanović Clinic

Dear friends, This summer, we have prepared a number of great and valuable gifts for our former, current and future patients. You can claim these gifts by answering a question, or accepting a creative challenge. Questions and challenges will be shared on our site as well as on social networks, so we recommend you follow…

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Urban International Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration Symposium

Our doctor, Srdjan Cvejanović, has attended an international implantology and oral surgery congress hosted by dr Istvan Urban with the central theme of “sausage technique”. Our region is becoming one of Europe’s centres in the field of innovative implantology techniques, the one most deserving of credit being Dr Istvan Urban, whose sausage technique has emerged…

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EAO admits Cvejanović Clinic

Dental Clinic Cvejanović has officially become part of the Europe’s largest network of implant dentistry experts – EAO (European Association for Osseointegration). This membership is, first and foremost, an opportunity for our clinic to gain access to the latest scientific breakthroughs in the field of implant dentistry and to get insights regarding the techniques which…

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NobelParallel CC – a new implant system at Cvejanović Clinic

Staying up to date with innovations in implant dentistry Cvejanović Clinic has been using Nobel Biocare implants since the 1990s (back then the company was called NobelPharma), when implant placement was still in its semi-experimental stage. We have always endeavored to offer our patients one mid-range, cost-effective implant system and one high-end system, and this…

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Dr Srdjan Cvejanović at Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2016

Dr Srdjan Cvejanović attended Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, which is organized every three years, and was held in New York City in 2016. In addition to numerous lectures, there were a couple of professional trainings, and Nobel Biocare presented, on its part, different innovations both in the field of implant dentistry and in digital dentistry…

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Dr Srdjan Cvejanović at BudaBOND 2016

Dr Srdjan attended an excellent congress called BudaBONG 2016, held in Budapest. One of the best Digital Smile Design lecturers, Florin Cofar, held a superb one-day course dealing with the latest protocols in DSD which were, as a result, utilized at Cvejanović Clinic. Additionally, a lecture was delivered by some of the leading members of…

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Nobel Biocare Certificate for Cvejanović Clinic

At the beginning of last autumn, there was a great news for Cvejanović Dental Clinic. Owing to a long-standing cooperation between our clinic and the Nobel Biocare Company, a world leader in dental implant products, as well as continuous efforts to include in our offer each new line of implants coming out of Nobel Biocare,…

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Design your own smile!

Cvejanović Dental Clinic is among the first to have obtained the new Digital Smile Design equipment, which will enable patients for the first time to have a say in planning their treatment, as well as to get a complete picture of their future appearance before a single tooth has been treated! During the month of…

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Keeping pace with innovation

Dr Srdjan Cvejanović shares his impression of the IDS show in Cologne. For someone not familiar with dentistry, it may be hard to perceive just how big an event the International Dentistry Show in Cologne is. In 2019, some 160,000 visitors attended the show in 5 days, including dentists and experts from related fields from…

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Dr Srdjan Cvejanović, an implant expert at Cvejanović Clinic, is an active member of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO), and the best way to implement the latest innovations in the field of implantology and esthetical dentistry at one’s clinic is attending meet-ups and conferences. This year, our doctor had the opportunity to get insights…

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Ordinacija Cvejanović na sajtu Cvejanović Clinic on the website

Zubnu orgdinaciju Cvejanović sada mogu pronaći potencijalni pacijenti širom sveta posredstvom sajta Ovaj web sajt predstavlja najsavršeniju globalnu mrežu za pretraživanje medicinskih usluga i u svojoj bazi ima preko 100.000 klinika u svetu, sve od psihijatara do pedijatara, i, naravno – zubara. prisutan je u 100 zemalja, pri čemu je u svakoj zemlji…

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