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Hollywood Smile restoration is a total transformation of your smile using ceramic crowns or veneers. Ceramic crowns possess exceptional strength, but despite this, there may occur certain complications. Practice has shown that crowns most often break in the incisor area, the four front teeth. Apart from crown fractures, certain processes under crowns are a common occurrence, and all issues may be eliminated relatively easily, especially if the patient takes care of their restoration and visits the dentist regularly. The Hollywood Smile has a five-year warranty.

How likely are you to have complications?

Complications in manufacturing and later wearing Hollywood Smile restoration are relatively rare and are easy to eliminate. The most important thing after placing it is to point out to the patient the potential problems that may occur in the coming period. It is very important that the patient follows the instructions given by the dentist when they receive the restoration, and then the chances of at least one complication during the ten-year period are reduced from about 70% to about 30%. The remaining 30% of complications, which are not caused by the patient's negligence, but by biological processes or the fatigue of the material, are usually not a major problem and can be eliminated quickly at the office. Some of the complications are related to inflammation and pain after getting the restoration, and they can be eliminated with medication and without visiting the office.

Pain in the tooth with the crown

One of the common complications is the onset of pain, usually in one tooth. When preparing for the Hollywood Smile procedure, the teeth are contoured so that the central part of the tooth remains intact, and the crown is attached to this part of the tooth, where the nerves are located. Before the placement of the crown, all caries and infections are treated, so this pain is often a consequence of getting used to the crown and which subsides and disappears over time. In case it is necessary to treat the teeth wearing the crown, there are two approaches. Treatment can be done without the removal of the crown, by opening the crown that will later be closed with a composite filling of the same color. Another option is to remove the crown, treat the tooth and make a new crown. However, this approach is rarely used, as problems are typically resolved using the first approach.

Crown fracture

One of the most common complications is a fracture of the crown. Sometimes the reason is a bad bite, or too much pressure on one tooth. The goal of Hollywood Smile try-ins is to eliminate this problem, but it happens sometimes that a patient normally bites and chews in a different way than when they clench their teeth at these trials, or that they bite differently due to anesthetics, so that the problem remains undetected at the try-ins. All patients are recommended, and 99% of them are given splints against sleep bruxism, which they have to wear every night, and during the day if they have major problems. Sometimes a patient, though they are explained how to consume certain solid foods, does not follow the instructions, and there is a gradual weakening and, finally, cracking of the crown. The fracture of the crown is treated depending on the level of damage - minor damage is corrected without removing the crown, while in case of major damage, the replacement of the crown is performed.

Hollywood Smile combined with implants

When Hollywood Smile veneers are aided with implants in places where teeth are missing, other types of complications may occur, though very rarely. The first possible complication is inflammation around the implant. The inflammation can be cured without visiting the office, with the doctor who placed the implant guiding the patient through the sequence of steps and the way of using the medication to treat the inflammation. If the inflammation does not subside quickly, it is necessary to come to the office. Sometimes, after a period, the body may come to reject the implant and then this implant needs to be replaced. The rejection may manifest itself as the loosening of the crown, or as pain. Generally, the body will accept a new implant, but it may happen that the dentist estimates that there is a chance the body will reject the new implant as well. In that case, a completely different solution is employed for that one tooth that does not involve implants.

Problems with temporary restorations or screw

Temporary crowns are not ceramic, but are made of composite, a material used for fillings, and that is exactly the reason why they sometimes break if the patient does not pay careful attention to what and how they eat during these ten days of wearing the temporary piece. In practice, however, it has been shown that the cracking of temporary crowns most often occurs when the patient wears temporary crowns longer than anticipated. Crowns may also become loose and fall off due to erosion of the filling. If the patient is in Serbia, these problems are resolved in one day, and if they live abroad, the temporary restoration may be repaired by a local dentist. If the crown was screwed, i.e. the restoration is not cemented but screwed in, the screw may become loose and the construction or the crown may become wiggly. As with cracking or loosening, these are small interventions that we, or a local dentist, may perform.

Should I be worried about complications?

Today, Hollywood Smile is a routine procedure. Nonetheless, it is a complex procedure, and minor problems may be expected in various phases of the procedure, as well as later, during every day usage.

The most important thing is that the patient follows the instructions given by the doctor, because this reduces the likelihood of complications to a minimum, and all complications may be eliminated with a prompt visit to the office, and even locally and on patient’s initiative (in case of an inflammation treated by medication). What is common for all complications is that it is necessary to immediately contact the office, i.e. the dentist who performed the procedure, regardless of whether we need to schedule a visit or the dentist is to instruct the patient on how to resolve the problem, and/or what instructions should be given to the local dentist.

Even when taking into account this slim chance of having complications, there is no reason to hesitate with the Hollywood Smile procedure, as this procedure gives you so much and has virtually no downsides. Patients who delay with the Hollywood Smile procedure, and need it, risk far greater complications the longer they procrastinate, because, as a rule, they have numerous processes on their teeth, and may find it necessary to have their teeth extracted, which in turn means they are no longer candidates for Hollywood Smile.

Warranty on the restoration

The warranty on Hollywood Smile, i.e. on all placed crowns, whether they are part of Hollywood Smile procedure or are individually placed, is five years and it includes the replacement of the existing crown with a new one performed in our office. The warranty covers the cases of major fractures of the ceramic, or cracking of the bridge structure itself. If after cementing you change your mind about the color of the restoration, the warranty is no longer valid. Furthermore, it is very important to emphasize that the warranty is valid only if the patient performs regular checkups every six months, with a mandatory pantomogram image submission once a year. You can read all about the procedure for obtaining Hollywood Smile restoration on this page.