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Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile, Bleach 2

The Hollywood smile has the best effect when the teeth and healthy gums are the basis, as in our patient Katherine.

Hollywood smile for young patients

When young patients ask for crowns or veneers, we usually respond to them and refer to dentures and teeth whitening.

Gummy smile and gritted teeth, a transformation into a Hollywood smile

Iliana came to the office with teeth that are healthy but tight, not straightened, and varying in height. Also, when he smiles, he shows too much gums…

Gummy smile and gritted teeth, a transformation into a Hollywood smile

Gummy smile is showing gums when smiling, which is solved by moving the gum line. Ana wanted a Hollywood smile…

Gummy smile becomes Hollywood smile

Gummy smile is showing gums when smiling, which is solved by moving the gum line. Ana wanted a Hollywood smile, but first we had to solve her Gummy smile problem.

A smile that attracts attention every step of the way

Patients from abroad who received a Hollywood smile at our office are advised to come to the controls at least once a year.

How to solve a gummy smile problem

Gummy smile is an over-showing of the gums when smiling, which is a problem that is easily surgically remedied. Raising the gum line is a particularly good decision when the patient is also implanting crowns.

Hollywood smile for a married couple

A married couple from the US return from vacation in Serbia with glittering Hollywood smiles. Let’s look at their story and transformation.

Jacques New Teeth – Hollywood smile, Bleach 1

When we have the confidence of the patient, each procedure is much easier because we can concentrate on the work itself. Jacques gave us his trust even though we did not know a word of a common language…

Proteza na drikere

Proteza na drikere – slučaj manjka kosti

Ljuba Cetić je želela protezu na drikerima, međutim njena vilična kost je bila toliko tanka usled dugogodišnje bezubosti da nismo imali gde da smestimo implante.

Clip-on dentures

The patient contacted us with a wish to finally get dentures that were fixed and did not fall out of her mouth. After analyzing the 3D orthopan shot, she was explained that there were no conditions for fixed work…

Computer-guided implantology

Until now, implant placement has been done using the classic surgical route, which involved making the incision, implant placement and suturing the surgical wound. Computer Guided Implantology…


ALL-ON-6 in upper jaw and crowns in lower jaw

It often happens that the upper and lower jaws are not in the same condition, so two different approaches are required.

ALL ON 6 – Upper fork

Patient Dragan got a new smile, thanks to a special type of implant work – screw retained. It is a system that gives additional security to the patient, as bridges can be removed and refined at any time.

ALL ON 6 – Bleach 2 colors

Complete toothlessness today is resolved with only three visits to the practice. Only 12 implants are required for complete implant work on the upper and lower jaw …

ALL-ON-4, a solution for complete toothlessness

Claudio came from Switzerland with only four teeth, and returns with full ceramic bridges on the ALL-ON-4 implant solution.

ALL ON 6 – Re-making Ceramic Work.

As detectives going back to the old case, we have come to the conclusion that new techniques allow us to significantly advance some of our earliest All-on-6 work.

ALL ON 6 – Fixed ceramic bridge on implants

The patient came to the doctor’s office looking for a solution to the lower and upper jaw. It was agreed that we first resolve the upper jaw, and in the second phase, dedicate ourselves to the lower jaw.


An example of a complete implant work, involving the placement of 24 crowns on a total of 12 implants. Because the two forks of all crowns are mounted on six implants, this technique is called the All-on-six.


One of the important stages in the complete implant work is the selection and implementation of a temporary solution. It will take several months between the placement of implants and the installation of definitive crowns …


A special type of implant work, the screw retained system gives additional security to the patient as the bridges can be removed and refined at any time. Although most implant work does not require repairs…


Testing of ceramic veneers

The production of ceramic veneers is a very sensitive procedure, which is why the trial of finished veneers is an important part of therapy. In this sample shot you can also see how the veneers fit on the teeth and how the tooth prepared for the veils looks.

Replacement of composite veneers with ceramic ones

Thane’s case is a great example of the success of veneers. Many patients have healthy teeth and gums but are not satisfied with the color and overall appearance of the teeth.

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