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All on 4 / All on 6 price


ALL ON 6 is the most frequently used solution for total toothlessness at Cvejanović Clinic. It involves placing 6 implants per jaw, which will support a titanium-ceramic set of at least 12 crowns. This restoration is similar to ALL ON 4, but it is slightly more dependable since it is supported by six rather than four implants. Learn more

  • ALL ON 4 / ALL ON 6

    5000€ per jaw

  • SPECIAL OFFER!ALL ON 4 and ALL ON 6, until the end of February 2022.



The price includes:

  1. Extraction of teeth if necessary
  2. Implant placement (Alpha Bio or Implant Direct Legacy)
  3. Placement of a temporary screw-in titanium-plastic restoration immediately after receiving the implants (fixed restoration)
  4. Placement of the final screw-in titanium-ceramic restoration three months after the placement of implants, with a minimum of 12 crowns per jaw (fixed restoration).

Method of payment:

Cash payment in full on the day of placing the final restoration.

Stage I: deposit 500€

Stage II: on the day of placing implants 2500€ (2000€ during the special offer period (-deposit)

IStage III: after placing the final restoration with a minimum of three months after stage II 2000€

Payments are made in euros and in cash.

You will get a 5-year warranty on crowns.

You will get a lifelong warranty on implants.

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