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Dental Treatment
White filling (composite 3M ESPE) one surface filling20€
White filling (composite 3M ESPE) two surface filling30€
White filling (composite 3M ESPE) three surface filling40€
Ceramic fillings, CAD CAM system180€
Canal treatment (extracting nerve)
ProTaper system Dentsply – one-root tooth20€
ProTaper system Dentsply – two-root tooth30€
ProTaper system Dentsply – three-root tooth50€
Oral surgery
Extraction of teeth – usual20€
Extraction of teeth – complicated30€
Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth100€
Apicoectomy (resection of the tooth root top)100€
Flap surgery of gums per jaw350€
Installing dental implants IMPLANT DIRECT LEGACY350€450€
NEW Nobel BIOCARE Parallel CC NEW600€
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant120€
Non-metal ceramic crown on the implant220€
Pink ceramic per crown20€
Sinus lift (lateral access)500€
Intravenous sedation per hour100€
Procedural sedation250€
Metal-ceramic crown, 5 years guarantee100€
Steel implantation40€
Non-metal ceramic zirconium crown, 5 years guarantee200€
Ceramic veneer220€
Fiberglas implantation30€
Partial acrylic dentures270€
Total acrylic dentures270€
Skeletal dentures320€
Installing of attachment (pair)100€
Dental braces
Mobile braces200€
Dental braces (mini metal brackets) per jaw500€
Dental braces (sapphire brackets) at jaw700€
Dental braces self-ligating metal braces800€
Dental braces self-ligating white braces1100€

Teeth whitening
Dead teeth whitening30€
Home teeth whitening (with foil), 2 syringes included150€
In-office teeth whitening both jaws250€

Implants – pricelist and examples

When one or more teeth are missing, the first things planned are the number, shape and the form of teeth crowns which need to be replaced, and only then the process proceeds towards planning of number and the positions of implants needed for insertion. It’s important to know that one implant can carry multiple crowns, so it’s hard to calculate the price in practice without visiting the dentist. At our office we use two implant systems and two types of teeth crowns – Implant Direct, that has the best price/quality ratio and Nobel Biocare, which is somewhat pricier, but it is better in every way (implant acceptance, durability and guaranty).

Implant + abutment + metal ceramic crown820€570€
Implant + abutment + non-metal ceramic crown920€670€
Two implants + two abutments + three metal ceramic crowns1500€1200€
Two implants + two abutments + three non-metal ceramic crowns1860€1560€

Important: On the day of insertion only the tooth implant is charged, and after a few months, when the implant is fully accepted, abutments and crowns are charged.

When the question of total toothlessness is at hand, there are two ways for solving the problems with the help of implants.
Simpler and cheaper considers the insertion of three or four tooth implants and total acrylate prosthesis which are hooked on implants via trackers.
This option is easier for crafting with a simple maintenance required.

Look at the gallery of our work for Locator attachments overdenture via this link.

Three implants and an acrylate denture2500€1700€
Four implants and an acrylate denture3000€2000€



Six implants + six abutments + 12 metal ceramic crowns5000€4100€
Six implants + six abutments + 12 non-metal ceramic crowns6200€5300€

The second option is fixed implant work (implants in true sense), which means insertion of six to eight teeth implants per jaw and crafting of 12 teeth crowns per jaw.

Comfort and functionality are at a much higher level in this case, and the teeth are prettier.

Look at the gallery of our work for dental implants by clicking on a link.

On the other hand, procedure is more complicated and more expensive, also potential repairs are harder to perform (in practice, the need for them is really rare).

Prices are an example for insertion of six teeth implants per jaw and 12 teeth crowns. Quite often it’s desirable to insert seven or eight teeth implants per jaw if the conditions for that are there, so that that the construction of 12 teeth crown could be separated on a couple of sections, in order to be more firm and easier to repair.

From the complete price from the tables, in the first stage only implants are charged (around 60%), and in the second phase, after a few months, crowns and abutments are charged (around 40%).

Extra charge for pink ceramic per teeth is 20€.

Advice: It’s always smarter to invest in better and higher quality implant because a teeth implant is an artificial root of the tooth, it’s practically a part of patient’s organism, which will last forever in the jaw bone. If you want to save money it’s better to save on crowns, because they can be altered and fixed.

Dental braces – pricelist

Dental braces represent the most natural way to place your teeth into the correct position. The procedure itself begins with the first dental examination. The patient comes with orthopantogram, that provides a detailed treatment plan that may include removing some teeth, for example fours and sixes. Instead of rubber bands, self-ligating brackets have special locks that are used for connection between the arch and brackets, thereby reducing friction and shortening the therapy process.

Prices for cash payment in full:
Minimetal brackets500€
Sapphire braces700€
Self-ligating metal brackets800€
Self-ligating sapphire white brackets1100€
Prices for cash payment in instalments:
Minimetal brackets600€
Sapphire braces800€
Self-ligating metal brackets900€
Self-ligating sapphire white brackets1200€

Take a look at examples of dental braces installations here

All check ups and examinations are included. Upon removing dental braces a retention foil is to be paid € 50.

Important: Payment is made with 50% of the price on the day of placing dental braces, and 50% of the price can be paid in instalments.

Additional notes

  • We provide transportation from the airport and back free of charge.
  • We provide accommodation in hotels in Belgrade.
  • We provide invoices for foreign nationals.
  • For heavier work we provide additional discount.
  • Payment is in cash, 50% in advance and 50% after completion.
  • Paying with credit cards all prices are increased by 10%.
  • Warranty
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