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Dental implants Cvejanović, Belgrade, Serbia



Dr. Srdjan Cvejanovic and his group at the clinic are an extraordinary bunch of people who made me very happy and thankful that I was able to get my oral surgery and teeth implants done by him. They are very professional and I could not be more excited to be able to smile. I had a very big problem with my teeth and it took me a very long time to find the right doctor. I recommend this to everybody who needs any kind of dentistry, because you will not be disappointed. I want to thank you again Dr. Srdjan Cvejanovic and your incredible team.

Drazen Rabrenovic

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Dr. Cvejanovic and all at the clinic, I would like to say thank you for every things, you are a nice people and professional group.

Your Sincerely
Emadeldin Hassan

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Ileana Jacimovski, Austria

Dear doctor, I want to thank you for an extraordinary benevolence that you showed me. Your patience showed that you are a great man, that makes people secure and radiates with warmth that I can’t describe.

I, which was scared of every procedure, now feel happy, content and fulfilled. Your warm words have saved and removed my fears. I thank you a lot because you’ve saved my smile that will now be full of magic and will radiate everywhere.

Once again, to a lovely doctor and a person: Big thanks!!!

And I shouldn’t forget, the whole team was great towards me, and the coffee is really delicious.
Greetings from Austria!!!

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Adem, Zurich

I can only say that I have only the words of praise for dr. Srđan, Ivana and all the others. They have such light hands that I didn’t even feel pain during, or after the procedure. I’ve visited the clinic twice, during the first visit I’ve received four implants, two more on my second visit, and I had a sinus lift operation. The service is top notch, you have my praise, best regards Adem Zurich.

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Nebojsa Ristivojevic, Belgrade

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Srđan, Ivana and the rest of the staff of dental clinic Cvejanović, because my teeth problems are now history. I only regret that I didn’t came to the clinic much earlier, because it has solutions for every tooth related problem. After a lot of work done, like teeth extraction, installation of an artificial bone, implants insertion and etc. the result at the end of all procedures is perfect. I can smile freely again and communicate with people, I can eat and drink without the fear of getting a jaw ache.

My first visit to the clinic left me a positive feeling. After a few visits, all the fear was gone, because Dr Srđan, Ivana and all the other employees assured me that I’m on the right place with their work. Routine and certitude, which comes from great knowledge, make a completely pleasant and a relaxed atmosphere. With every other visit I was even more sure that I will be released from a long-standing problem with teeth.

From my very positive experience, I would recomend to everybody that they don’t postpone the decission of coming to the clinic for days and months, because there isn’t even a single reason for it.

Thanks again to Dr Srđan and to the entire staff for a job well done, also for a kind and human approach.

Nebojša Ristivojević,

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Mirjana Zutic

I would like to take an a opportunity to share my gratitude for all that family Cvejanovic have done for me since the moment plain landed to Belgrade.

I wanted to thanks Andrea for waiting at airport and for driving me back and forth for each appointment and for being always so kind and going out of her way to ensure any of my personal needs are accomplished.

My special thanks to dr. Srdjan who have performed a 12 implants surgery an a week ago and today I feel great and able to wear my temporary dentures without discomfort.
Dr. Srdjan shown that he is highly professional, knowledgable and with a mind set to carry on and further enhance a we’ll established family legacy.

Entire team is well mentored by dr. Nebojsa Cvejanovic and dr. Srdjan Cvejanovic and you can feel at every moment spent in dental office that core of that family practice is a warm human, high moral approach to each patient who at the end of the treatment feel very pleased as I certainly do and well assured they are on right place.

I am very eager for my next visit as the final step ( placing of crowns ) will take a place but very confident that dr. Srdjan is more than capable to fully restore my teeth and recover my well being.

At the end would be far to admit I was slihtly skeptical when made decision for dental tourism but now I could say it was 100% worted. Treatment planning & Surgery was done by excellent dentist in a top of the line equipped dental office but for a fraction of cost comparing with Canada.
No surprised- hidden cost and no need to fear what you will find in a small print ( like in Canada & USA).

Thank you family Cvejanovic for a very comfortable visit and would highly recommend dr.Srdjan if anybody is searching as I did for a dental solution from a distant place.

Thank you dr. Nebojsa for keeping me laughter as it did help to keep the spirit.

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Alen Ivancic, Croatia

I spoke to Dr. Srdjan so I could compare prices in Zagreb with those in Belgrade. After a short consultation I calculated that is more worthwhile to travel to Belgrade than to do my teeth in Zagreb. When I came into the office I was shocked how it looks, because the practice looks like I’m in a larger European city, not in Belgrade, and honestly I did not imagine it like that, although I saw pictures.

After two arrivals to Belgrade Srdjan has very successfully solved my case.
Thank you, Dr. Srdjan and all the staff for a very successful work and a beautiful smile.

Alen Ivancic, Croatia

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Tamara Spasic, Wien

For dental office Cvejanovic I have heard from a friend whose husband was very satisfied with their services. Without thinking, I called the office to assure myself of the quality of their praise and their website. I can only say that I was not wrong!!!!! Such a coward like me I do not think there is in the world, but the doctor Srdjan and his phenomenal team was able to encourage me and help me to operate three cysts that I had and all this so quickly and painlessly… From the old, crooked teeth I got perfect, beautiful smile… Thanks the entire team Cvejanovic for everything they have done for me!!!! In particular Dr. Srdjan, who had the patience to answer all my questions posed to him, and he even called me after the surgery to see how I was and if everything is in order. All this shows that he is not only a professional at his job, but he does it with a lot of love and care for his patients.

Best regards to everyone in the dental office Cvejanovic
Tamara Spasic

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Saric Aleksandra, USA

Since I do not live in Serbia, I asked my brother if he can find me a dentist in Belgrade. His choice fell on Dr.Srdjan and he was not wrong. Although I came scared even from USA, Dr. Srdjan broke my fear and now with new teeth and a new smile I go to the dentist.

Saric Aleksandra, USA

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Natalie Vignjevic

My husband is terrified of the dentist. He desperately needed to fix his teeth. We live in Australia where it is extremely expensive to have any dental work so my husband Dalibor decided to contact srdjan and decided to go to serbia in March and put implants in. He was very scared but was put at ease by srdjan and his team. In june our whole family went to serbia for a holiday and for dalibor to finish off his teeth. I went to srdjan for a check up i regular visit a dentist but have very bad teeth they are very soft. After my consultation srdjan recommended that i fix all of my teeth. I agreed. I put crowns on every single tooth. I have never been more happier with my teeth. I was so happy with the service of the entire team, i even had a driver from where i was staying to the surgery. They were all so caring and polite and friendly and that is hard to find these days.
My husband and I would highly recommend this surgery to everyone we are extremely happy customers.

Hvala od srca Srdjane i svima

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Iain Docherty, British but living in France and working in Switzerland

The mere thought of having to go to Serbia to take care of my teeth was instilling uncertainty at the very beginning.

On a recommendation of my friend I’ve contacted dr Srdjan, and after a very nice and detailed conversation, I definitely decided to go to Belgrade.

At the airport, Andrea, a clinic assistant, was waiting for me, whom I show my gratitude for all she has done for me during my stay in Serbia.

I must admit that when I first arrived was not really comfortable, particularly because of that place at which the practice is located and access to the clinic is not at a high level, and moreover, I was wondering what I am doing there, but behind everything of that lies heaven with magical garden, and very modern and equipped dental clinic.

When I finally let myself into the hands of dr Srdjan everything was easier, and day by day I got more and more relaxed, and perhaps Serbian atmosphere at pubs and restaurants contributed to that, making me extending my stay in Serbia, and in addition to the entire work on my upper jaw I did a whole lower jaw, as well.

All praise for the excellent work done on my teeth, I finally have a smile that I always wanted.

Thank you family Cvejanovic, for the excellent free apartment that I was staying at during the entire procedure and for everything you have done for my well-being.

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Angie from London

Since prices for fixing up a dental braces in the UK are very expensive, I’ve decided to look for these services outside the UK.

So, somehow, I narrowed my searh to Hungary and Serbia and after contacting with a different dental practices, I decided for some reason for clinic Cvejanovic.

Maybe those couple talks with dr Srdjan played a role and impression that he left on me.

At the airport, a driver was waiting for me and drove me right into the dental office.

My greatest fear was a language barrier and how we are going to communicate, but all staff at the clinic Cvejanovic is perfectly multilingual and there was no problem.

Few hours later, dr Lana Cvejanovic set a dental braces and it was all over.

After few weeks I’ve noticed the first results and I was very happy.

Thanks for all family Cvejanovic and see you in two months!

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Ivo Petrovic, New Zealand

Firstly, a huge thank you to Dr. Srdjan Cvejanovic and his team of Andrea and Ivana for everything they did for my wife and I during our stay in Belgrade for the purpose of visits to his surgery. We were made to feel welcome and also feel like a lot more than just patients.

I had a problem with my teeth and time constraints as to how long I could stay in Serbia). I only had five weeks for the treatment and procedure as well as travel to and from New Zealand. I found the Cvejanovic Dental Surgery on the internet and after a few email exchanges and a few Skype conversations, I found a solution to both my dental problem and my time constraints. Dr. Srdjan Cvejanovic worked out the details regarding his methods of helping me and a timeline; starting with the preparation of my teeth and the fixing/placements of crowns including the filing of each tooth and removal of nerves where necessary.

A total of 25 teeth were treated in this way along with an installing of artificial bone with the most modern and globally used techniques. To give an example as to the efficient work Dr. Srdjan Cvejanovic did – with the implant of artificial bone, only half an hour was taken for two implants to be placed and installed correctly without the need to wait weeks for the artificial bone to be implanted, the operations to be done separately and other necessary work in the entire process.

I tried to remember everything that Dr. Srdjan Cvejanovic did for me for one reason, which is –saving me precious time. He managed to do everything without cutting corners in just four weeks including necessary recovery breaks in between dental surgery procedures. This, of course is a credit to his knowledge and expertise, professionalism and the ability to coordinate his team to assist with every detail.

The dental surgery itself is equipped with state of the art equipment and apparatus and maintained well with a beautiful garden for rest and breaks before and of course after Dr. Cvejanovic’s procedures.

Again, a huge thank you and much gratitude to Andrea for his kindness and patience, for the wonderful accommodation that was arranged, for the transport and drives from the apartment to the dental surgery and from the central bus station.

Respectfully Yours,

Ivo Petrovic

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D. Winiger, Switzerland

I am using this opportunity to thank Mr. Cvejanovic, but also to the entire staff at dental office Cvejanovic, who demonstrated with their selfless dedication (unlike many from my personal experience) that money is not the most important factor in the field of dentistry, but immense care for every patient. I am glad I have visited a couple of times this dental office from which I came out with new teeth and also with cognition that in addition to expertise there are still “people” who are distinguished with moral values.


D. Winiger, Switzerland

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Vlado Gospic ,SPAIN

My wife has been using services of Cvejanovic Dental Clinic these days and I have accompanied her. We opted this clinic via internet and despite detailed preliminary “studies” we were a bit scared if we have chosen the right place where to invest our money and in whose hands we deliver our trust for our health!? In addition to the professional approach, treatments and work at clinic by dr. Srdjan, I would point especially an incredible profesionalism, extreme sympathy and charisma of the manager. Miss ANDREA is an extraordinary person, who has reassured us with her cheerfulness and welcome wagon from the first moment – from the reception at the Belgrade airport – about all our doubts. Clinic Cvejanovic can improve certain details in its business (that is benevolent criticism or just an opinion of one client) but it deserves a rating of 10+, or as Spaniards would say – “inmejorable” it is the character and work performed by Ms. ANDREA CVEJANOVIC. Thank her for everything!!!

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Marion Ansmann, Switzerland

I start in June 2014 to supplement the upper teeth with porcelain crowns and veneers with Of course white and perfectly formed tooth position.
The family is very clean and tidy out, the practice facilities are modern and sterile. The dentist’s Srdjan Cvejanovic has taken in a detailed conversation my wishes and ideas to the attention and presents me the options available. The communication in English has worked wonderfully. The lady who has manufactures crowns and veneers in the laboratory, specially bothered and is personally come in practice by fitting to the teeth and to discuss whether everything was prepared to my satisfaction.

I had no problems and am swept back with a beautiful smile in Switzerland. Even during treatment, everything went quite straightforward, the anesthetic syringes picksen of course a bit but that’s normal. I got painkillers to take home but I have no need.

For me it was a pleasant and positive experience, for which I would choose at any time. the family is very friendly and accommodating. The daughter of the operation has cared for me the whole 5 days, my beautiful, large apartment shown which is available to patients, explained to me what stores in the residential rings lying around, how do I get to downtown it has for me extra-picked each appointment in the practice at home and drove back to the apartment. The service was first class as was the result of the treatment. the dentist is very professional and takes time. He has just made ​​everything as I liked.Cost savings was enormous -75% for treatments with 2 porcelain crowns & 8 Porcelain veneers.

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