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Implant supported denture price


A denture supported by 3-4 implants per jaw is called an implant supported denture or bar-retained denture. It is the most affordable solution for toothlessness, since it is more functional and comfortable than the common plastic denture. Learn more

  • Implant supported denture


The price includes:

  1. Extraction of all remaining teeth
  2. Implant placement (Alpha Bio or Implant Direct Legacy)
  3. Placement of temporary plastic acrylic dentures
  4. Placement of final, reduced acrylic dentures, three months after implant placement.

Method of payment:

Stage I: deposit 200€

Stage II: on the day of implant placement 1000€

Stage III: when the final restoration is placed 1000€

Payments are made in euros and in cash.

Patients get a lifelong warranty on implants.

Patients get a one-year warranty on dentures.

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