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Hollywood smile price


Hollywood Smile is a complete makeover of your smile, i. e. a complete prosthetic reconstruction of both jaws using caps, veneers and, more often than not, implants Learn more

Procedures without implants

    Option 1: Metal-ceramic crowns: €100 per crown

  • 28 crowns (14 crowns per jaw)

    28 x 100 = 2800€

  • Option 2: Metal-ceramic crowns on side teeth (€100 per crown), metal-free crowns on eight front teeth (€200 per crown):

  • 12 metal-ceramic crowns + 16 metal-free crowns (14 crowns per jaw)

    12 x 100 + 16 x 200 = 4400€

  • Option 3: Metal-free crowns: €200 per crown

  • 28 krunice (14 krunica po vilici)

    28 x 200 = 5600€

  • Option 4: 20 ceramic veneers in both jaws: €220 per veneer

  • 20 veneers (10 veneers per jaw)

    20 x 220 = 4400 EUR

Procedures involving implants

There is a 450€ added cost for an implant ( 350€ for implant 100€ for abutment).

One implant may support up to two crowns. Implants are paid for in stage I. Crowns are paid for in stage II.


– After contouring, the patient will wear temporary plastic crowns for a period of time. Temporary crowns are included in the price of the whole procedure

– Stated prices are subject to change on a case to case basis. Patients will receive the exact price estimate once they send us a pantomogram and a few photos of their teeth.

Method of payment :

Cash payment in full on the day when the final restoration is placed.

Stage I: deposit 500€

Stage II: on the day of contouring 50% of the total price (-deposit)

Stage III: on the day of trying on the final restoration 50% of the total price

Payments are made in euros and in cash.

You will get a lifetime warranty on dental implants.

You will get a 5-year warranty on crowns and veneers.

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